One Year On … The Bond Years

Well, one year on, they kept me. The black wriggler has now grown to be bigger than the old grey bearded angelic one. (The canine one that is, as we now have two looking similar) He who can do no wrong with her Ladyship. (Not the rotund human, always in the doo-doo) Butter wouldn’t melt. He’s not quite so sprightly now, can’t keep up with me, oh no. Really feeling his age this winter.

He had a bad week or two before Christmas, there was talk of “how much longer has he left”, all very dramatic if you ask me. I didn’t get a look in for days, shouted at for rugby tackling him and no one to play tug of war with. Got a bit boring without the usual play fights.. Then, a trip to the vets, without me. I was left home alone. No biscuit. She ALWAYS leaves us a biscuit but not this time. She was preoccupied, with HIM. Off they went. Huge soft mattress in the back of the dog van – pure luxury.

They were gone for ages and ages. Apparently went to visit the Dowager Duchess of St Mellion while they were out. He can do no wrong there either, ‘impeccable manners’, she says, unlike me.. I’m banned until I’m a little more refined.

Well, she came back and the halo topped wreck returned with her! Complete with magic drug. He got an extra meal that day, ‘to take his medicine’ she wined. Like she does..

Now, EVERY day, he gets bread and butter, a squirt of the wonder drug on top of his dry nuts. What do I get, just dry nuts!!! Life’s unfair being the under dog.

He’s made a miraculous recovery. Pain killers I heard them talking about. We are back to our long walks, just the slightest hint of a limp. Takes a while to get up, much like the rest of the family if you ask me. I wonder what they are taking? I think it’s medicine in a stemmed glass!

Just wait until she’s not looking, engrossed with the iPad or even better, off to work in sports car and high heels and we are left in the compound. Rugby tackle heaven, and no one to referee!

Thank you for listening, it’s good to talk..


Bruce Bond (the second)