Gym Tip Number 1 with Jason Timms

Moto: “Appearance is a consequence of fitness”

June is all about pull-ups!

I believe pull-ups are one of the most important exercises in the gym.
Big compound moves like pull-ups, chin-ups, squats and deadlifts should definitely be in your workout routine. The word ‘compound’ means that there are multiple muscle groups working at once. Don’t get confused with pull-ups and chin-ups, they are completely different exercises. For pull-ups, your palms are facing away from you and the grip is wider than shoulder width. For chin-ups, palms are facing towards your body and grip is usually shoulder width apart, so a lot narrower. Chin-ups, another fantastic compound exercise are genuinely easier than pull-ups, as the biceps do most of the work.

So back to the pull-up, are they a difficult exercise? Damn right they are, but the benefits are insane. They target the muscle ‘latissimus dorsi’ or better known as the Lats. Lats are the muscle that adds width to your back and gives you that V-shape look. They also work your biceps, upper-back, fore arms and core (abs). I don’t care how much weight you can bicep curl or bench press, you should be able to do what I call the bread and butter exercises of the gym, like pull-ups, chin-ups and press-ups.

There’s plenty of ‘meat heads’ in the gym who can push/pull stupid amounts of weight, but can’t do one pull-up. There is a great moto “appearance is a consequence of fitness”, I love that quote.

Many bodybuilder’s workout for aesthetic reasons only, but you will carve the best physique ever by doing these compound exercises. Remember the above moto and make sure you add these compound exercises into your workout routine.

Please watch the video by clicking the link for my example of a good pull-up technique! IMG_2110