1. All classes of Membership are available on payment of an initial Joining Fee (if required) and an annual subscription. The Joining Fee is non-refundable. If a Member leaves the Club and then rejoins the appropriate fees must be paid.

2. Full & Off Peak Memberships are for the duration stipulated on your application form. Any Member who fails to pay a subscription by the due date may have their Membership suspended. If the Member fails to pay within 14 days of the due date then the Membership will lapse.

3. The Membership runs from the annual renewal date, 1st April. Persons joining during the annual subscription year will be charged a ‘monthly’ pro rata fee. Lanhydrock Hotel & Golf Club reserve the right to amend rates at any time to new Memberships.

4. Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable.

5. Members must carry their Membership Cards and another form of ID when using the Fitness Suite. Membership Cards remain the property of Lanhydrock Hotel & Golf Club and are non-transferable.

6. All Members and their Guests are required to observe and comply with the Membership Rules and Fitness Suite Etiquette at all times. Failure to do so may result in suspension and/or termination of Membership at the Proprietors discretion.

7. The Proprietor reserves the right to close the facilities at any time should they consider it to be appropriate.

8. To benefit from Joint Membership fees, those persons must live together at the same permanent address. They must also join within the same Membership category. If they require different categories then they will be charged at the standard individual tariff rate.

9. The Club accepts no responsibility for vehicles and/or any property belonging to Members and/or their Guests wherever left. Lockers are provided.

10. The Proprietor reserves the right to review and amend all Club Rules, Terms & Conditions at any time. Details of any amendments will be displayed on the Club notice boards and any changes will be given in writing (option to contact includes email). Please read full Membership Rules for details.

11. The Club accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage caused or suffered by Members or their Guests on the Club’s premises by reason of the act or default of any Members
or Guests.

12. Members and Guests use the facilities at their own risk. Members may introduce up to three Guests at any one time and each Guest may use the Fitness Suite at the discounted Guest rate four times each annual subscription year. Non Member rates are charged per session.

13. Termination of Membership will be solely at the Proprietors discretion.