Goodbye to Seve

For all my joking about dear Seve, attention seeking in his ‘hi-viz’ fleece lined coat after hydro sessions, me being left home, now I really am home alone..

It all happened 3 weeks ago, but with the flood gates opening with Her Ladyship, His Lordship wasn’t much better, I felt it prudent to wait until now to announce that the King is dead, long live the King…

He’s left me for doggie heaven to cope with the challenge of life with the Bonds at Lanhydrock, but all so sudden! One day still playing tug of war when her Ladyship was hanging out the holiday washing, then off to the vets with a limp which was serious. Two days later, in his last deep sleep. I thought it was my fault at first, but no, something cancerous in his front left leg, not the prickle in the paw as first diagnosed.

Just wanted to say what a great brother he was. From another mother I know, he accepted me into the fold, took me on as his unwanted apprentice and trained me as much as he could. He learned to love me and I loved him back.

Seve reached the great age of 12½ , never a day’s sickness. Not many Lanhydrock staff can boast that!

I may not be from such great lineage as him, but rest assured that I shall take on his role with pride, guarding Her Ladyship and dragging her and the plump boss out for much needed walks. I’m raring to go, happy to meet and greet in reception at Lanhydrock, good with kids and gentle with oldies.

Just need to resist the sugar bowls I see on coffee trays, they look such fun, but ‘she’ says, ‘bed’ so obviously out of bounds.

Don’t be sad for Seve, he had a great life and will be remembered as the perfect gent at Lanhydrock as well as at home.. RIP