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The current ACSM guidelines for weekly physical activity in adults stands at 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity spread out over the course of the seven days. This can be further reduced in terms of duration by increasing the intensity to what would be classed as vigorous for a total of 75 minutes throughout the week. What does this equate to though? Perhaps a structured programme consisting of 5 separate 30-minute sessions Monday to Friday? Or maybe taking the dog for a slightly longer walk every weekday evening? This amount of physical activity is scientifically supported in lowering the risk of various metabolic conditions and helps to promote and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. The issue for many people is time; an excuse that I have heard much too often. If you accept the premise above and follow the Monday to Friday programme, then a 30-minute moderate intensity workout would equate to the surprisingly low amount of 2% of your day… Over the 5 days, Monday to Friday, this totals a measly 1.4% of your entire week… 1.4% of your week in exchange for reduced stress levels, a healthier circulatory system and an improved standard of life generally… Seems like a bargain to me! However, the persistent and quite frankly worrying, linear inclination of the nation’s obesity levels would suggest that this is not a sentiment shared by all. In 2006/07, the direct cost to the NHS of obesity and being overweight was a staggering £5.1 billion and the accumulative cost to the UK economy was a mind-blowing £15.8 billion. Without wanting to generalise, in most cases, obesity is commonly a direct result of a sedentary or inactive lifestyle and again, in most cases, a sedentary or inactive lifestyle is a choice made by the individual. It is not a smart choice but a choice none-the-less. In conclusion, you have 98.6% of your week to do what you want/have to do whether this is socializing, working, sleeping or relaxing. Why not use the remaining 1.4% investing in your health, fitness and future…? The benefits hugely outweigh the negatives.”

Here at Lanhydrock we can assist you in making sure that the 1.4% of your week (or more…) spent participating in physical activity, regardless of the activity, is productive, enjoyable and overall beneficial for your short and long term health goals and targets. Speak to one of our instructors today on either 01208-262570 or