Fitness Blog – Nutrition

Embarking on a new fitness programme or regime can be exciting, enjoyable and rewarding experience. It can help you to achieve your fitness goals and provide you with a standard of life and wellbeing that allows you to participate in more of the activities you love, for longer, without feeling as tired. However, an important piece of the puzzle that is quite often neglected or overlooked is food/ nutrition. It is only when you realise how long it takes to burn the 230kcal’s that are in a Mars bar whilst sat on the exercise bike do you begin to appreciate the important role that food plays.

The equation is simple; if you are consuming more calories than you are burning and your goal is weight loss, it isn’t going to happen… (*99.9% of the time)… Having awareness and control over what you are eating, why you are eating it and what impact it will inevitably have on the body will directly correlate with your chances of being successful and achieving your health and fitness goals. People hear the word ‘diet’ and alarm bells start ringing, people panic and get scared. To me, the far scarier scenario is the person who has no control over their ‘diet’. The word ‘diet’ has developed somewhat of a reputation and it is viewed far too negatively. Diet is simply the sum of the food consumed by an individual and a stipulation of this isn’t that you have to eat certain things, at certain times, in certain amounts and they have to be both bland and boring. In theory, your diet can be two things; it can be good or it can be poor. The decision is yours. You could work out every day of the week and, with a poor diet, never lose a single pound. Likewise, you might never set foot in a gym but by controlling your diet, drop a dress size with ease. Furthermore, when you collaborate a good diet with regular physical activity and exercise the results can be staggering and the possibilities limitless. The saying remains the same “Abs are made in the kitchen”. The question is, what are you preparing in yours…?

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