Back in the Game!

I feel like I have risen from the depressing winter like the snowdrops and hyacinths! No end of bribes had to be taken to get me out of my comfy bed during the rainy months which seemed to go on forever. To be honest I let myself go and there was an air of expectant misery around.


Many times I heard hushed discussions between her Ladyship and Himself, along with the devoted would be ambulance chaser children, one brave enough to leave her apron strings and one too lethargic to even think about cutting them, still living at home. “Could be his last winter”, “don’t want him suffering”, “we shall try anything to keep him out of pain”.  The Pup was almost feeling like an only child already! Licking his lips at the thought of the whole box of Bonios to himself…


Well, on vets orders, they took me to a doggy jacuzzi, I know, hardly rufty tufty Labrador antics but talk about spa day! I was bribed with cubes of cheese, enticed into the warmest fragrant bubbly water you can imagine and given a ball to chase. My idea of bliss. Then, I had a wash and shower and just when you thought life could not get any better, my rear end had the most loving massage ever! His Lordship was quite jealous, even at his advancing years with waistline to match.


I even had a new Mole Valley special coat bought for me for the journey home and on vets orders my bed was moved in front of the AGA!! Result! If only for one night per week.


The young black wriggler, still uncouth at 18 months old, does not feature in any of this. He stays home, it’s just me and Her Ladyship, opulent mattress in MY dog van. One to one attention. Something I have missed.


Muscles have improved, all in working order albeit with a slight limp, ready to get back swimming after the ducks and geese in the 19th pond and surfing at Seaton. Her Ladyship appreciates fit and distinguished grey haired men, calling me her canine Richard Gere.. I may not be a teenager like the black wriggler, my dog years now number 91, but like some of our cheeky seniors, I can still make a blonde happy…


Over and not yet out from Seve Bond