Gym Tip Number 2- Abs and Core

Stop seeing abs/core work as an aesthetics only endeavour, remember my quote from previous blogs “appearance is a consequence of fitness”. In a nutshell don’t just work your core to get a six pack. Until you understand what the core actually does, it is then when you will understand why it is so important to

Gym Tip Number 1 with Jason Timms

Moto: “Appearance is a consequence of fitness” June is all about pull-ups! I believe pull-ups are one of the most important exercises in the gym. Big compound moves like pull-ups, chin-ups, squats and deadlifts should definitely be in your workout routine. The word ‘compound’ means that there are multiple muscle groups working at once. Don’t

Our Top Picks to Make Your Easter Egg-stra Special

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1. Fill Your Belly We’ll start with our favourite thing about Easter: the food! It’s the perfect excuse for a long weekend full of chocolate, ice cream and roast dinners. We recommend heading out for a walk to build up an appetite then coming back to ours to delve into our legendary Sunday Carvery! 2.

Goodbye to Seve

For all my joking about dear Seve, attention seeking in his ‘hi-viz’ fleece lined coat after hydro sessions, me being left home, now I really am home alone.. It all happened 3 weeks ago, but with the flood gates opening with Her Ladyship, His Lordship wasn’t much better, I felt it prudent to wait until

Fitness Blog – Lifestyle

The current ACSM guidelines for weekly physical activity in adults stands at 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity spread out over the course of the seven days. This can be further reduced in terms of duration by increasing the intensity to what would be classed as vigorous for a total of 75 minutes throughout the

Back in the Game!

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I feel like I have risen from the depressing winter like the snowdrops and hyacinths! No end of bribes had to be taken to get me out of my comfy bed during the rainy months which seemed to go on forever. To be honest I let myself go and there was an air of expectant

One Year On … The Bond Years

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Well, one year on, they kept me. The black wriggler has now grown to be bigger than the old grey bearded angelic one. (The canine one that is, as we now have two looking similar) He who can do no wrong with her Ladyship. (Not the rotund human, always in the doo-doo) Butter wouldn’t melt.

Fitness Blog – Nutrition

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Embarking on a new fitness programme or regime can be exciting, enjoyable and rewarding experience. It can help you to achieve your fitness goals and provide you with a standard of life and wellbeing that allows you to participate in more of the activities you love, for longer, without feeling as tired. However, an important

Well time to speak out.

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Was having a nice leisurely semi-retirement, admittedly a little middle age spread had set in, along with the grey beard. Some say a family trait, somesay a problem – I don’t see it like that! Age is all in the mind, and when I’m chasing rabbits and birds, I am truly a puppy again. Never mind that