Easter Time in Cornwall

Summer’s on the way, I’ve been for the first surf of the year and I must say, I am smelling much better. Himself doesn’t believe in such extravagance as the services of the local “poodle parlour” so by the end of the Winter I am in dire need of the salt water at Seaton Beach, one of my favourite spots to visit. My coat is shining and the vet was happy at my annual check up last week, so all is good for the Spring and Summer seasons ahead.

I’m out of favour at home at the moment. Her Lady ship is having a go at “The Good Life” (her era, not mine) and keeping chickens. Only three of them, boring brown hens, but they’re taking her attention away from me. The upside though, is that they get the scraps from the kitchen bin and if I’m on the ball, I get to share!

The hens (a birthday pressie from golden brother Oliver) have a “Des Res” lovingly crafted by Himself, more like an aviary really, keeping out the local fox. When they’re in residence, on a “day off” the girls are allowed out to roam, dig and scratch and I’m supposed to watch out for Basil Brush (also her era). We lost the last batch of chickens one morning, so the fox is a real danger. Easily distracted, I had limboed into the chicken run and was snacking on some nice white bread when I was rumbled and spotted where I shouldn’t be. You see, I’m on a low-carb diet, or so they think! So, I’ve been grounded, no biscuits or tit-bits. Just like Himself. Life sucks.

I simply can’t wait for Easter though. All the kids visiting the Lanhydrock Hotel for Easter Sunday lunch will get an Easter egg if they behave. Easter at the hotel is always lovely, allowing me time to relax and unwind over the double bank holiday. I’ll certainly be making the most of it! I’m just planning a discreet “limbo” into the foyer for any crumbs of choccies without being noticed by either of those two who must be obeyed. She’s always talking to lunch guests (apparently they help to pay the bills and I’m not totally tax-deductable) and he’s got a fleet of new golf buggies to play with, so hopefully no-one will notice and chocolate here I come!

We have some wonderfully delicious food on offer this Easter, I’d certainly recommend booking in if you’d like to sample a superb lunch over the long weekend.

Keep an eye out for me if you’re booked in for lunch over Easter, I’m the shiny pedigree specimen in the back of the sign-written truck, other-wise known as the “canine concierge”. Patting welcome