Welcome to my Dog Blog!

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Seve, I’m a rather attractive black Labrador who lives at the beautiful Lanhydrock Hotel and Golf Club in Bodmin.

I thought I’d let you lucky people get a real insight as to what life at the hotel is like... It’s my first published work so happy reading...

Well, what a year!

I have just had my birthday, 8 years old in human years but 56 in dog years and my grey beard is proof that I am getting older. Dad has copied the look, so it’s very much the “Bond” style. Some say I am the family trend-setter and I do like to agree. Not so keen on the expanding waistline which seems par for the course around 50!

My birthday on 23 November coincided with the decorations going up at Lanhydrock, hence the birthday snap beside the tree, one of the many here at the Hotel. They really have pushed the boat out with the Christmas look this year, and not a piece of tinsel in sight! Very trendy, very “me” some might say! I do keep my nose poised for any wrapped bones in those luxuriously decorated parcels. Surely someone will think of me?

Celebrations are coming to a conclusion for the 18 years of our “Bond” ownership here at the Golf Club. Members this year have had their free vouchers to say “thank you” for their loyalty and this has amounted to up to £250 if they remember to use their vouchers by the due date. This month’s treat is mince pies, clotted cream and a drink. Can’t wait for the crumbs from those. Pity I’m not allowed in the food service areas until bed-time, so Her Ladyship says. I am sure I could get around Himself. He’s always near the kitchen.

New Year’s Eve is now on the agenda, my best night of the year. They let me into the bar after hours and everyone is so relaxed I feel very much part of the celebrations. All the men look like penguins and the ladies done up like dog’s dinners, only prettier, all sparkly and smelling much nicer. They eat posh nosh like lobster and the bones from the roast joints are the biggest of the year! Lots of empty Champagne bottles that night and party poppers everywhere, messy lot. Her Ladyship calls it “work” but I’m glad I don’t have to pay her by the hour that night. I didn’t think they were allowed to drink on duty. Still, I won’t tell if you don’t. Mum’s the word. “

Written by Seve Bond

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